Breathe For Life

     Make every breath count!

The Breathe For Life Training            Program teaches you how to use                     good quality breathing to improve                     your health, fitness, singing and                       quality of life.

 A Wide Range Of


Breathing Training


The breathing we do to stay alive is an automatic function, however, an ability to specifically control how we breathe is required for a number of activities, and does necessitate special training.



ONLINE TRAINING: private / groups

Everyone needs to start with the Basic Training first. If you are new to Breathing Training, you will be able to repeat the Basic Training course until you feel you are ready    to progress to the Intermediate Training      and Advanced Training.


  • Panic Attacks;
  • Increasing flexibility;
  • Beginning an exercise program;
  • Improving performance during exercise;
  • Inactivity because you don’t or can’t exercise
  • Recovery from injury or an operation;
  • Singing / Acting / Playing wind instruments;
  • Speech / Stuttering / Voice projection;

About Me

Sophie Gabriel

Sophie Gabriel is a Breathing Trainer and the author of “Breathe For Life” which was published in 2000 and is currently available at Over many years, she developed her own unique style of teaching different breathing techniques, and offers her Breathing Training in person and also online. For over 30 years, Sophie has trained athletes, singers, corporate professionals, children, asthmatics, stage actors, dancers, public speakers, children and adults who stutter, and others who benefit from good quality breathing. Sophie has taught in the USA, Australia and England. She continues to study and research all aspects of health and good quality breathing.


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