Breathing Training online Courses

The 3 Breathing Training online courses will be:




Everyone needs to start with the Basic Training first. If you are new to Breathing Training, you will be able to repeat the Basic Training as many times as you want until you feel you are ready to progress to the Intermediate Training.

If you are experienced, you will still need to do the Basic Training because often simple aspects are missed or haven’t been done for a while. The Basic Training is extremely important – so important that even those who are experienced at Breathing Training still practise the basics.

Once you have completed the Basic Training, you will be able to apply what you have learned to any area that is    of interest to you, for example: singing, exercise etc. Next progress to the Intermediate Training. In this course you will continue lengthening and strengthening your breath, and further tone up all your breathing muscles.

Once you feel very confident with the Intermediate Training, you can then apply to progress to the Advanced Training, which needs to be approved by Sophie. Please note: The Advanced Training is only for people who are able to do all that was taught in the Basic and Intermediate Training. Sophie advises not to rush any of the courses, so do not consider the Advance Training until you are really ready and very confident with your breathing skills.


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