About Me

Sophie Gabriel is a Breathing Trainer and the author of “Breathe For Life” which is available at amazon.com. She has been involved in Breathing Training for over 30 years. Sophie first learnt how to breathe properly as a young teenager during her martial arts training. From the moment she experienced her first good quality deep breath, she became instantly fascinated and began her lifelong journey exploring all aspects of breathing.

Sophie has developed her own unique style of teaching breathing techniques so adults and children of all ages can improve their breathing. She has taught throughout Australia, England and also New York City. Sophie has trained singers, actors, asthmatics, divers, athletes, dancers, public speakers. She has also trained people who suffer from panic attacks, stage fright, stuttering and helps anyone who benefits from good quality breathing.


Sophie is available to answer any questions about the following:

  • General questions regarding Breathing Training
  • Private Breathing Training Sessions – online / in person
  • Group Training – online / in person
  • Content of her book: “Breathe For Life”


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