Most people are famiVarious types of Relaxation Breathingliar with the relaxation breathing technique taught in yoga. A full yoga breath entails focusing on breathing fully – see illustration below showing the 3 zones previously discussed. Yoga breathing is typically done lying down because in that position the body is supported by the floor and can relax the most, however it can also be done in a sitting position as long as correct posture is maintained.

Lying or sitting in a relaxed manner and focusing on a full lengthened breath is the ideal way to do yoga breath, but how about if you need to relax but you’re not in an ideal situation? What if you are really stressed and would like to do a relaxation breath, but you are at work or on public transport about to have a panic attack and you’re not able
to lie down like you can in a yoga class?

The good news is that you can do a modified version of a yoga breath, and no-one will know. Try this: mentally focus on your abdominal area or if you can, place your fingers on your belly button. Start breathing as long and slow as you can, and aim for the abdominal area to be the main area moving, avoiding movement from your upper chest. Breathing
monitors show that even a few abdominal breaths will help to relax your mind and body – I have taught thousands of people to do this, so rest assured it’s a skill you can learn.